Ralph’s First Thanksgiving

Amy Havins shares her Thanksgiving tablescapes.

This year Wade, Baby Ralph and myself threw our very first Thanksgiving at our house. We thought it would be fun since it was baby Ralph’s first Thanksgiving to be able to host both sides of our family, since we allllll know that they were dying to be with the baby on Thanksgiving.

To keep it simple, I decided it would be fun to send out invitations....


How To feel Like Your *New* Old Self Post Baby

Amy Havins poses with baby Ralph.

Having a baby is well…a unique process. If I could describe it in one phrase I would say that it is an emotional roller coaster because it is the perfect storm of everything from anxiety to overwhelming happiness. Although it was one of the best experiences looking back on, being pregnant really wasn’t my thing. It’s weird and I know I am not the only one who feels this way but looking back at pregnancy it really wasn’t that bad…I mean don’t get me wrong, I was miserable but thinking back on it pregnancy seemed quick and short lived....


4 Months with Ralph

4 months with ralph

This post is so crazy to write. First because today Ralph is 4 months old, secondly because a year ago today I figured out I was pregnant (you can read the post about how I found out I was pregnant here). So crazy to think that a year ago I was just beginning the pregnancy journey and now I have a 4 month old....