What we are naming Baby Havins

Amy Havins shares the name of their first baby.

Oh my goodness gracious I cannot tell you how excited I am as I am writing this post. I have been wanting to share his name since we decided on it in February! I am sure you have already figured out his name by the pictures above but if you have not, we are naming our first baby


Things I Wish I had Known Before I got Pregnant.

Amy Havins shares what she wished she would have known prior to pregnancy.

For years I have heard or asked friends what pregnancy was like. I was always so curious as to how they were feeling,what they were craving and always wondered if I would feel the same. I mean can you blame me for being so curious as to what to expect while you are expecting? To be completely honest, before I got pregnant, the idea of it actually happening was kind of scary to me....


My Current Diet & Work Out Schedule

Amy havins shares her pregnancy diet and work out schedule.

Since finding out I was pregnant last November, if I am being 100% honest, one of my biggest concerns was the weight that I would be gaining over the next 9 months. I did not have these concerns because I did not want to have a healthy pregnancy but because when you are at the starting line of something COMPLETELY NEW and you don’t know how your body is going to change/what to expect, it’s kind of intimidating…somewhat of a ‘fear of the unknown’....