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Best Black Friday Sales

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Happy long weekend everyone! Today is one of my favorite days. 1. I am still full from yesterday’s Thanksgiving celebrations and 2. all of the black Friday deals are so good it is the perfect opportunity to sit back, relax and shop online!

To make things easy and much less overwhelming I have rounded up the best sales and items from some of my favorite online retailers. Ok, now it is time to grab a cup of coffee and start shopping. Remember..these sales won’t last long so it is the perfect timing to get all of your Christmas shopping done and save a considerable amount of money. Happy weekend and of course happy shopping! xx

Best Black Friday Sales

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Amy Havins of Dallas Wardrobe shares her favorite holiday home selections. Amy Havins of Dallas Wardrobe shares her favorite holiday home selections. one//two//three//four//five//six//seven//eight//nine//ten

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Happy Weekend

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Happy weekend! Whoah am I so glad that today is finally here. This has been the week from technology hell. First my phone, then my computer. What are the odds? Oh well, they do always say ‘when it rains it pours’. I can definitely agree with that phrase.

Thankful that today is here because yesterday we left Dallas to spend the weekend in Florida with sweet friends. We plan to spend the weekend soaking up the Florida sunshine and catching up with some of our favorite friends. Maybe we will even get a little bit of a tan!

I hope you all have the most wonderful weekend and if you have not backed up your pictures on your phone in a while, make sure to do so because it totally sucks when you loose some of your favorite images…trust me. xx

Best Weekend Sales

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