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Simple Dressing

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Sometimes getting dresses (especially when you are in a rush) can be so overwhelming. It seems that every time I am in a huge hurry I end up just wasting time sitting in my closet pondering what to wear. It’s almost like I am secretly hoping that a my closet will respond and just tell me what I should wear.

Since we all have busy schedules and places to be in order to save time when I am in a rush I have been ‘simple dressing’. Simple dressing really is, well simple. It’s a grab a basic blouse, pair with a skirt and some shoes, commit and walk out the door. You can also just throw on a dress, or a basic pant and just keep your dressing…well, simple. The key to simple dressing is to not only keep it simple (skip the accessories) but to get out of your closet and do not look back. It’s like once you have picked something, stick with your decision and move on.

I have to tell myself to do this all the time otherwise I will spend wayyyy too much time figuring out what to wear and my closet will just end up being a big mess. So there you have it, the next time you are stressed about what to wear just stick with simple dressing, trust me, it really does make it easy!

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Happy Weekend

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Thank goodness it is Friday! What a fun week but it was SO busy. Between working on some really exciting projects (can’t wait to share), a good friend being in town and the normal things that life throws my way, the week did not slow down. Today will be spent finally getting to e-mails that are a bit over due, maybe a quick manicure (desperate) and then tonight I am attending a business dinner at a Dallas favorite spot and hopefully the rest of the weekend will be spent relaxing with the husband and puppies. Cannot. Wait.

I hope you all have the most wonderful weekend & if you are in Dallas make sure to enjoy this oh so perfect weather…There is not telling when it will change again! xx

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little green dress