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The Children’s Place

ChildrensPlace-DW01 2ChildrensPlace-DW01 2ChildrensPlace-DW01 2ChildrensPlace-DW01 2ChildrensPlace-DW01 2ChildrensPlace-DW08ChildrensPlace-DW01 2ChildrensPlace-DW01 2ChildrensPlace-DW13A few weeks ago one of my best friends, her husband and their sweet baby B made a Dallas visit. As someone who doesn’t have a baby my first thought besides that I was SO excited to see them again was oh my goodness how much fun would it be to do an outfit post with their baby? After nervously calling baby B’s mother and getting the thumbs up I decided to make a run to the only children’s store that I know of, The Children’s Place. (fun fact: I got my very first tiara there). A bit nervous to step foot into a children’s store for the first time as an adult alone, I turned to one of my good friends Lyndsey to help.

 I am sure it was very apparent that we don’t have children because of how excited we got upon arriving. You guys I mean I get kids stuff is cute but I’ve never really shopped for it. First we started on the girls side screaming because the jellies, bows and bikinis were too cute. Finally we made our way over to the boys side, then toddlers, then infants. I could have gone nuts in that store. So.Darn.Cute. They had so many different options and it was SO reasonable but I would be lying if I said it didn’t add up quickly. Funny how that always works.

I mean french stripes, green shorts and baby aviators? Don’t even get me started on the baby fedora. Dying. Needless to say Baby B is set for a summer of lounging by the pool. Babies do that right?

Images by Erica Sledge Photography. Check out her full site here.

(on baby b: look one: orange striped matchables tee c/o//green chino shorts c/o//baby aviator sunnies in navy blue c/o//nomad slip on shoes c/o//look two: classic polo in oasis c/o//octopus swim trunks c/o//straw fedora in natural c/o)

Happy Weekend

happy weekendimage via

Hello Friday. Thanks for finally making an appearance! This week has been, well, interesting to say the least. But that’s not really important it’s over now. What is important is all the things I got to check off of my imaginary list of things that I need to get done. I had lunch with sweet friends, caught a yoga class that Lynsey dragged me to and attended a Gala last night which to be honest is making me a bit tired right now.

Really excited about the weekend and possibly planting a few flowers outside, spending time with the husband and catching a Sunday afternoon baseball game. Yes, I know that Sunday is Easter but ever since the husband and I have been married we have taken this particular holiday and spent it with each other. Some of you maybe able to relate to this but holidays are so stressful post marriage. So many families, so many different people to see it gets a bit overwhelming. Yes, we make the rounds during Thanksgiving & Christmas but I have really come to love our Easters together. We start the morning at church together, then usually head to one of our favorite brunch spots and enjoy our table for two. This year we are going to catch a Sunday afternoon baseball game which I am really excited about. Mixing it up a bit! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Fingers crossed the sun is out the whole time…I don’t know about you but I really need a little base tan. Happy Weekend! xx

Best Weekend Sales

little green dress

Fresh Kicks

fresh kicksfresh kicksfresh kicksfresh kicksfresh kicksfresh kicksfresh kicksfresh kicksfresh kicksfresh kicksThere are two things that I like to wear all the time: dresses & sneakers. Putting them together? Still warming up to the idea. But like I always tell myself, there is nothing wrong with branching out, especially when it comes to wardrobe!

I recently found this dress and I knew that I would be able to wear it all spring and summer long. The sheer middle (hello breathable dress) and the fit are really comfortable yet flattering. Yes, normally I would throw this dress on for a fun dinner with a great nude heel or a wedge but honestly this particular day my feet were tired and I just wanted to throw on a comfortable pair of shoes. So you know what I did? I went with it and wore the dress with sneakers. Shocking for me I know.

Maybe it’s the festie season that is upon us or my friends influence but whatever it is I like it. You never know, I may make this a normal thing for me…Well, I’ll at least have a spare pair of pumps in my car if I chicken out.

(stylestalker shorty dress c/o goodnight macaroon//converse kicks//bauble bar x nordstrom bracelet c/o bauble bar//pave triple strand necklace c/o accessory concierge//cartier watch//michael kors messenger bag (similar)//silvano sunnies c/o)

photos by Lynsey Eaton