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What I have done to Prepare for the baby so far

Amy Havins shares how she has prepared for baby so far.

Now that I am 22 weeks and 2 days pregnant, I am beginning to think about things that I need to do to prepare for little baby Havins to arrive in July and also wanted to share with you all the (very) few things that I have done to prepare thus far. As slow as this pregnancy has felt, I cannot believe that we are less than 4 months away from holding our sweet baby boy!


Printed Midi Dress

Amy Havins wears a printed midi dress and red heels.

A printed midi dress like this one is the perfect addition to ANY closet. This printed midi dress is a new (ish) favorite of mine. I love the ladylike length, the floral print, the neckline and most importantly the forgiving silhouette. As someone who is currently in the market for ANYTHING that is forgiving when it comes to my wardrobe, this pleated chiffon midi dress was the perfect addition.


Happy Weekend

Amy Havins shares the best weekend sales.

Happy weekend friends. I cannot even believe that it is already March 3rd. It’s amazing how quickly the year has gone thus far and to be honest, kind of scary since little baby Havins is due in July!

You probably know that we are still undergoing home renovations. Phase 2 of our home project began a few weeks ago and has really been one of the smoothest processes ever....