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Amy Havins shares what she is packing in her hospital bag.Amy Havins shares what she is packing in her hospital bag.Amy Havins shares what she is packing in her hospital bag.Amy Havins shares what she is packing in her hospital bag.Holy count down. We are now just 12 days away from my due date and I am getting more and more anxious for baby Ralph to arrive. Looking back at the last 9+ months I cannot believe I am to the point where I am sharing what is in my hospital bag. I am not going to lie…I had my bags packed 2 weeks ago. Having had more than a handful of friends have babies early, I felt like I would rather be prepared for my hospital stay than be in a total panic trying to throw everything in.

I’ve gotten a lot of e-mails asking what was in going in my hospital bag, so I thought it would make a fun blog post. Yes, some of the things I have packed probably seem a bit silly but to each their own, right? I feel like I am prepared but who even knows.

  • Pillow Cases: Our hospital recommending bringing our own pillow cases to make our room feel more like ‘home’. I ordered these pillow cases for me and Wade to each have in the hospital and just took them to our tailor and had her monogram them. Yes, I know silly but it was only $16 (total) and who doesn’t love a good monogram? I know, I’m a weirdo.
  • Bluetooth Speaker: Bringing a speaker was one thing that was HIGHLY recommended by a friend. She said during labor, she asked her husband to play music on her phone but she had wished she had a little speaker. I asked my doctor and thankfully our hospital allows speakers in the delivery room as well as the hospital rooms. I felt like having some sort of background noise (aka a killer playlist) pre/during/post delivery will be a really nice distraction.
  • Throw Blanket: I actually ordered two of these throw blankets…one for my hospital bed and one for Wade’s rollaway. I’m sure the hospital has more than enough blankets but sometimes it’s nice to have something that smells like home that you can snuggle up with.
  • iPad: This will be nice to have to not only watch Netflix but also to pass the time when baby Ralph is sleeping.
  • Lavender Towelettes: A friend told me to bring these YEARS ago. She said it’s really nice to have a smell that you prefer because there are a lot of ‘unique’ smells during labor. I ordered this packet of lavender towelettes to throw in my bag..I’m sure they will come in handy!
  • Eye Mask: I sleep with an eye mask every single night. Since I cannot fall asleep without one, I only thought it appropriate to throw one in my hospital bag. Plus, I’m sure I will be taking a day time nap at some point in the hospital and it will be nice for it to be dark (at least for me).
  • Mules: As much as I love house shoes, the thought of wearing them around a hospital kind of grosses me out. I packed my favorite mules that I can slip on and off easily!
  • Socks: I packed a few pairs of socks just in case my feet get cold!
  • Make Up Bag: I know I probably will not even think about make up in the hospital but just in case I plan to bring my make up bag!
  • Extended Length Phone Charger: I read that a long phone cord charger is SO necessary while in the hospital. The outlets are usually far away from your bed and for as much as your phone is going to be used, it’s nice to always have it charged!
  • Pajamas: Until I was pregnant, pajamas were somewhat of an afterthought for me. Yes, I have a couple pairs that I like but I really could care less. Since pregnancy, I cannot get enough of comfy pajamas and loungewear. Since I will be in the hospital for a few days and only wearing pajamas I decided to treat myself to a few new pairs! I ordered this sleep shirt, this lounge outfit, this short set and this robe. I cannot wait to cuddle up with baby Ralph in these soft jammies!
  • Comfortable Bra: As someone who is very flat chested, I know that the majority of my hospital stay I will probably be braless but just in case one of my husbands friends or his dad comes to visit, I want to make sure to have something to slip on. This bra is my favorite and is so comfortable!
  • Toiletries: I packed the travel size version of all of the products that Wade and I use at home. I even threw in a face mask, just in case I need a little extra help (which I know I will).
  • Mini Scunci: These mini scunci’s are my favorites because they don’t pull on my hair. I packed a few of these because I’m sure I will want my hair out of my face!
  • An outfit to go home in: Apparently you look about 6-7 months pregnant when you leave the hospital, so I made sure to pack a favorite (and forgiving) easy summer dress and flats that I could thrown on for when we leave the hospital as a family of three!
  • Nurse Gifts: I threw these in my bag as well..you can read about what I put in the goodie bags I made for all of my nurses in this post!

One thing that I did not include was the cute little outfit and blanket that I have packed for Ralph. I wanted to wait and share those things after he arrives but I promise, I did bring stuff for our baby :). Please let me know if I left anything out!

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17 Responses to What’s In My Hospital Bag

  1. Maggie says:

    I really enjoyed have a light weight robe. Hospital rooms are typically cold and robes are great for covering up real quick if you have a visitor. Also, and this might be gross, but a few pairs of full underwear. I got a few pairs in a size larger than I normally wear. Unless you’re having a C-section, you’ll likely be wearing pads/an ice pack down there. And the hospital underwear was not very comfortable in my opinion. Lastly, comfortable pajamas that button up the front, which are great for those midnight feeding sessions. Wishing you a safe and quick delivery!

  2. Lauren Horton says:

    I had an unplanned c-section with my first because he ended up being breech. A friend had recommended that my husband pack a swimsuit so he could help in the shower in case nurses were coming in while it was happening. After that c-section, I definitely needed help in the shower, and we were both so glad that he packed it!

    If you have a baby book, bring it with you so they can put his footprints in it. After they did my son’s for his birth certificate, they offered to put it on something else, but all we had was a napkin!! (I still forgot to bring something when I had my daughter a few weeks ago- boo!)

    If you plan to breastfeed, a nipple shield might also come in handy. They help when babies have trouble latching. Lactation consultants often scoff at them, but it was the only way my son would latch in the beginning.

  3. Angela Corsentino says:

    This is a great list! I’d recommend bringing your own pillows. I found the hospital pillows to be so uncomfortable. I enjoyed having a robe for when it got a little chilly or when I got out of the shower. The only other thing I would recommend is a Yeti cup. The water cups at the hospital are usually tiny and my Yeti kept my drinks hot/cold for hours.

    Good luck, you’ll do great!

  4. Laura says:

    Flip flops, if you want to shower and slippers. You don’t want to walk anywhere in there barefoot! Converter gowns for baby. Hope you have a speedy and healthy delivery.

    • Gennea says:

      Having just had a baby (this winter!) I totally agree! Your body goes through so many temperature changes, you’ll want flip flops to wear in the room and when you take a shower.

  5. Morgan says:

    Great packing! The comforts of home are so nice to have in the hospital! I would definitely recommend a nursing tank and I would second the recommendation above of some cotton undies a size larger than normal. A nursing pillow is also helpful especially while you’re first figuring it out. Good luck!!

  6. Kellie says:

    Snacks for your husband and you after delivery… Protein bars, dried fruit, etc… Anything you may like that the hospital may not have.
    Hand sanitizer you can keep bedside is helpful to have on hand (especially for visitors- yes, I’m that mom). I’m sure you know, but we didn’t do it and wished we had- Install the base of the car seat properly in the car now, not the day you go home. (Us) haha
    Your list looks great! I had music in the delivery room and even remember the song that was playing when our daughter was born! Good luck and best wishes!!

  7. Kelly says:

    Definitely bring throw away underwear as mentioned above. You will probably want to buy or bring a comfortable nursing bra, nipple cream, and breast pads for when your milk comes in. The rest of your bag looks great! I actually forced myself to shower, do my hair, and put make-up on each day. Not only will lots of photos be taken, but it just made me feel more human and more like myself after the birth process. Good luck!

    • Gennea says:

      Also agree with this! Sounds silly but “depends” we’re way better than the hospital mesh option. Also, I am generally a braless person too but when your milk comes in, you need something to hold your breast pads for all the leaking. I wore a bra 24/7 for the first 10 weeks because I never could go without the breast pads.

  8. Ash says:

    Nursing tank for sure! Gilligan O’Malley ones from Target were my favorite. Also, don’t forget to take everything home with you! Even the bins, pads, etc. stock up on whatever you can! I loved their massive cups and, after my first, made sure to bring at least two of them home with me. Every time you nurse, you get crazy thirsty!
    You’ll need pants of some sort. You’ll feel like you’re wearing a diaper and you want everything to stay put. Lulu lemon did the trick for me. But not the ones with a tight waist band. Good luck!!

  9. Cecilia Salvans says:

    If you’re planning on breastfeeding I would recommend bringing your nursing pillow. I got the “breastfriend pillow” and it was the best investment. I gave birth at Presbyterian Allen and the Lacation consultant came by to check on my latching/breastfeeding experience. She helped me get used to breastfeeding with the pillow I would be using at home. The hospital gives you disposable underwear and they were quite comfortable. I asked them to give me a couple a day, and each time I went to the restroom I put on a new pair. You’ll do great!

  10. Cecilia Salvans says:

    Ohh how can I forget…chapstick!! Don’t forget chapstick

  11. Sarah C says:

    Don’t forget about your sweet pups… Have the Mister run an errand home (sometime before you go home with baby) with a blanket that the baby has been swaddled in, one which you don’t mind the doggies snuggling with. It will help them with their new, albeit permanent, house guest!

    Best wishes!

  12. Janna says:

    I would bring a water bottle that you don’t have to tilt (aka one with a straw) – I was soooooo thirsty in the hospital and especially while nursing, and that means you may not have a hand to hold your water bottle. Also flip flops for sure 🙂

  13. Amy says:

    Great packing! I would also suggest pillows to go with your pillow cases and maybe even an extra pillow for you. I would also suggest a nursing pillow whether you riding or not. It helps with comfort and holdomg your little babe! I had visitors hattt were nervous about holding such a tiny newborn and the nursing pillow was useful for that as well. Don’t forget the chapstick!! Eating only ice chips for hours will make for some very chapped lips. 🙂

  14. katie says:

    Agree with chapstick and flipflops. There will be a time for lipgloss, but you need a chapstick or simple balm. You can’t drink water while in labor and you may feel soooo dry, esp lips. I wore mine in the shower. Thick hand lotion – hospital air is SO dry. A box of quality tissue. There’s something with delivery that widens your breathing passages and always felt like I had a cold afterwards. Also, you never know if you’ll have a C section, but maybe a pile of extra clothes (bras, loungewear, pajamas) if you have to stay longer on your dresser or somewhere at home that is ready just in case. It never crossed my mind that I’d have one with my first but I ended up needing one (no big deal at all) and when my husband went to grab extra clothes for the extended stay, i’m not sure what he was thinking despite me telling him exactly what to bring and where it was! I also showered and did makeup and hair (nothing fancy) each day just to feel human. You’ll do great and enjoy the last few days of sleep and being unencumbered 😐

    And those target nursing tanks if you’re planning on BF and a sports bra if you’re not. Tanks are good to wear and easy to nurse but close up easily. But from a small chested gal, you will need something regardless of what you decide.

  15. Marisol says:

    If you’re breastfeeding you will want a nursing pillow/ boppy. Also if you’re nursing you will want a nursing bra, it’ll help hold the nursing pads in place. Even if you don’t breastfeed when your baby gets hungry your milk will come in. Best of luck

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