The Items We Are Going to Use with Ralph

Amy Havins reveals the gender of their first baby.I cannot believe that we are now 7 weeks away from meeting sweet little Ralph. As slow as this entire process has been this last weekend something hit me and I cannot believe what little time left we have until his arrival.

As we approach Ralph’s due date and I feeling like I am somewhat prepared (if that is even possible); I have been getting more e-mails and messages from you all lately asking what products we have gotten to prepare. I thought it would easier to sum it all up in a post, since there are quite a few things we have gotten along the way.

I do want to say though BEFORE you jump to the bottom of this post and read/have an opinion as to what all ‘gear/items’ we have decided on, that these items are 100% things Wade and I have liked. We realize that there are SO many different brands and like anything, everyone likes something for their own reason. Also, we are also fully aware that once Ralph arrives, he may hate everything we have picked out for him. If I have learned anything from all of my friends that have babies, it’s that you can only be ‘so prepared’ but at the end of the day–the baby calls the shots as to what he/she was to lie in/play on/suck on/play with. We know that this is going to be such a huge learning experience but we literally cannot wait!

Let me know what you think about the products we chose, would love to hear what works for your babies, just in case these items do not work for Ralph!

Items We Plan To Use For Ralph

Looking forward to hearing what you like/dislike from our above list. Also, like I said before, these are things that WE are planning to use (or at least see if Ralph likes them). Fingers crossed! xx

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  1. Maggie says:

    Where did you get the crib skirt? I saw you posted a video where it was shown, and I loved it! Thanks for all the great tips, I have a baby boy coming end of August 🙂

  2. Meg says:

    I notice You don’t have a “rock and play” on here, which is super inexpensive and may seem redundant but we literally used it daily with our baby boy! We used it for travel, even for naps and overnights at my sister’s house, and it was really convenient and light (to move room to room while he’s in it!) Consider grabbing one to have, even next to your bed for naps. Also I became obsessed with the swaddles that zipper because mine was kicking the blankets off after a few weeks so grab one of those crazy straight jacket looking things for when you are so desperate for sleep and it is 2am!!! Good luck everything looks beautiful.

    • You are correct! Half of my friends kids loved it and the other half hated it! Our plan is to use what we currently have and if Ralph hates what we have then we can always amazon it and have it at the house in a day or less!

      Love your tip on the swaddles that zip! I will for sure order some! Thank you Meg! xx

  3. Carolyn says:

    This looks awesome! Mom to mom, we used the nosefrida with our first son and I’m convinced the filter doesn’t filter everything out – because I so often ended up getting sick too. A friend recommended Baby ComfyNose, and it’s SO much easier to use, and the filter is a crumbled up fresh tissue. I found it to get more snot and my son was more willing to let me use it instead of the nosefrida. It’s cheap enough if you need 2 on hand. Also Saline spray mist, is a lot easier to use with little babies than saline drops (lesson learned the hard way!)

  4. Kristen says:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing! I have a seven week old and have a lot of the items on your list, I think your going to be all set! We love our Baby Brezza Formula Pro! It’s a game changer for feedings-no more screaming baby while waiting on a bottle! We call it our baby Keurig. Lol 🙂 Congratulations!

    • My friends are obsessed withe the Baby Brezza and we cannot wait to use it!! Which formula do you keep in it??

      • Kristen says:

        We use Similac Pro Advanced. We did a lot of research on formulas and this one has been working great for our little guy. 🙂

      • Kristen says:

        We use Similac Pro advance, our little guy is doing really good on it. We did a lot of research and used to help us decide.

  5. Madeline says:

    Hi Amy,

    Thanks so much for this list, so helpful! Quick question, I noticed the white curtains in your nursery…what brand are they/where did you find them? We have been looking for blackout curtains in white for our nursery as well.

    Thanks so much,

  6. Mary says:

    Hi Amy! I have a three month old and also work from home. My solly baby wrap has been my best baby purchase, hands down!! It’s really comfortable and easy to use, and is sometimes the only way I can be productive on days that baby only wants to be held. It was also great to take her to restaurants, church, the store etc. when she was first born because it kept people from getting to close 🙂

  7. Ginger Alexander says:

    All of your choices are perfect! We moved to the Dr. Browns “options” with #2 and they don’t leak like the original ones do! And they don’t have that annoying disc you have to use and I always leave or lose it!
    You two will be fabulous parents and will get in to the swing of things that work best for you! Congrats!

  8. Alexandra Benton says:


    Love all your items, such a big help as a first time mom too! Did you find a baby monitor you like? I had no idea this was so difficult to choose!


  9. Ashley Raio says:

    Looks like a great list!! I would agree that your strongest weapon is Amazon Prime. Whatever you need can get there in two days lol. It’s better to stay more streamlined, especially with baby products. My daughter is 4.5 months and reacted to her soap, diapers and wipes. I had to change the brands on all of these items in the first two weeks. Really thankful I bought only a few of everything. On the bright side, kids love even the simplest of things; if it’s brightly colored or lights up with noise they tend to like it. Thankfully a lot of these items are really inexpensive and all on Amazon for purchasing at 3am… which is when I did my best shopping:) So excited for you and everything looks beautiful!!

  10. Mariella says:

    Agree with the Solly Baby comment! Baby items and gear really are personal and depend so much on individual lifestyles. The solly for me was a game changer even though I swore I would never be a baby wearing hippie ha! I didn’t go balls to the wall sleep training (Baby Wise) until about 6 weeks, so the solly helped transition into that for the struggle nap times when I couldn’t deal anymore and needed to do things with my hands (computer/light cooking) when help wasn’t around.

    Running into anywhere was easier with this and keeps people from touching your newborn since people have no shame in their germy let me touch your 3 week old game. I would pre-wrap it before I got in the car and transfer from car seat into wrap. Its lighter than it seems and she has really pretty colors.

    My cousin worships her Doona lol. I love baby gear and def keeping this list in case I get a baby #2 🙂 Good luck the rest of these weeks, you are going to do great with Wade by your side x

  11. Amanda says:

    Hi Amy. Congratulations to you and your hubby. You have picked out some great items I wish I knew about a few of these with my little guy. I’m in love with your nursery design! Do you have the info on where your light fixture is from?

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