What Diapers Are We Going To Use?

Amy Havins shares what diapers she is going to useThe last couple of weeks have gotten so many questions about what diapers are we planning on using with Ralph. To be totally honest, this is such a question that I really ‘cannot answer yet’ because while I do have two different options (Honest Diapers & Pampers Swaddlers) FULLY stocked in Ralph’s room; we are going to have to see and what works best for him!

Before ordering both types of diapers, I asked my friends what they used and half said Honest Diapers and the other half said Pampers Swaddlers. I figured it would be best (for us) to have two different options to try out with our sweet new baby…plus I could not resist ordering these little anchor print diapers for Ralph. So precious!

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  1. Helen F Panzera says:

    Hi Amy,

    Congratulations! I am also expecting a baby boy in July, and I was hoping you might share what you put in the goodie bags for your nurses in the hospital. (I think I saw an insta story that you posted about it…). Any advice you have would be great! I love your blog!

    Thank you o much!


  2. Sidnee says:

    Hey Amy,
    I didn’t know if you had heard of Parasol or My Diaper Box diapers yet, but if not they are the best. They are soft like pampers but no harmful chemicals like Honest. Just a suggestion!

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