2 Months With Ralph

Amy havins shares about her weekend on nantucket.It’s so hard to believe that two months ago (yesterday), we welcomed sweet baby Ralph into the world. It’s amazing how quickly the time has gone and our little newborn is now a sweet baby!

I did an Instagram live last week and many asked quite a handful of questions. Some of the topics I have decided not to cover because I don’t think it’s anyones business (birth story and how I have chosen to feed my baby) but one question that I got asked and LOVED was “what has surprised you most about having a baby”. I actually had to stop and think once this was asked. At first my mind went to maybe something silly he has done or even how little he really is (I mean they are so small at first) but then my response finally came into my head. I would say the one thing that has surprised me the most about having a baby is what an easy transition it has been.

Totally honest, before baby Ralph arrived I was not sure what it would be like having a baby. As someone who has only had to be responsible for my husband and puppies over the last 6 years (and myself prior to that), I was somewhat nervous about Ralph’s arrival. Much to my surprise bringing him home and even getting back into our normal work/etc routine has been super seamless. Yes, I feed Ralph every meal but after his playtime (which is about 45 minutes post feed), we swaddle him up and he goes right back in his crib until his next feeding. My life now revolves in 3 hour time frames during the day (with the puppies it used to be 4 hour time frames…dogs really do prepare you for a baby).

I can credit this easy transition to having taken care of our puppies over the last 6 years and more importantly to having a really good baby. I know, I know everyone thinks they have the best baby but Ralph really is so wonderful. He is the sweetest, most snuggly little love bug and we cannot get enough. See below for a few fun (well what I think are fun), updates about baby Ralph!

  • How much does he weight? 6.15 when he was born, now he is 11.4
  • How much does he eat? 5-6 ounces per feed (he started at 8 feeds in 24 hours, now we are at 5)
  • Does he sleep at night? Amazingly enough, about 10 days ago Ralph started sleeping 10-12 hours a night. We have had him on a schedule since he was born and this has really helped him get to this point so quickly! I also credit the schedule we have baby Ralph on to making this an easy transition because it’s much easier to narrow down what is wrong and how to help him if he gets upset!
  • Did you vaccinate Ralph? Yes, we did his vaccines at 6 1/2 weeks, prior to traveling with him.
  • How much ‘up time’ does he have in a day? We wake Ralph up 20 minutes prior to his feed, his feedings usually take 15-25 minutes and then after that we do everything in our power to keep him awake for another 45 minutes (take him on a walk, give him a bath, sit outside, play with his toys, tummy time). This totals to about 6 hours of ‘up time’ a day…which if I am being honest, is never enough…I love when he is awake.
  • Any new ‘things’ he is doing? Since about 4 weeks old, Ralph has loved to stare at lights…that baby could stare for hours! He is also starting to smile and ‘talk’ a lot more. His smiles are the sweetest things ever, it’s amazing the stupid things we do to try and get just oneeee little smile!
  • Do you do tummy time? Yes, we have done tummy time since he was 9 days old. He loves it!
  • How was it traveling with a newborn? Honestly, I was so nervous but it was such a breeze. Plus my peace offering to the other passengers (a.k.a. baby Ralph cookies) really helped ease my stress. I will do a post on what ‘products’ we used/traveled with soon!

Baby Ralph has been the biggest blessing and the best addition to our little family. It has been so fun to see his daily changes and watching him learn and take in everything. Thank you all for following along on this new journey! xx

p.s. I am revealing the birth announcements we sent out for baby Ralph here

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  1. Natalie says:

    Ya, I’m sure it makes it a lot easier when you have a nanny around! Don’t mean to sound hostile but people want honesty. You have help! We don’t want those new mamas to think they are doing something wrong if their transition isn’t as “seamless”, especially those doing it on their own!

    • I think you’re misunderstanding the context of my use of the word ‘seamless’. Yes, it has been an adjustment but I have been so surprised how much easier the change has been. I feel like I am being thrown so much shade for saying our transition has not been as difficult as I thought it would be. If I’ve learned anything it’s that when you put yourself out there, you will never win.

      Ralph is such an easy baby, so that is really the reason it’s been so seamless. To have a calm, non fussy baby, who loves his schedule does make it much easier and ‘seamless’ because he is so predictable. I’m sure when we decide to have our next baby it will be much harder because there is no way I will have two easy babies.

      • Natalie says:

        I agree that its hard to win when you put your self out there but it’s even harder when you dont put your whole self out there. I think your readers are asking for just a little bit of vulnerability.I too have an angel baby who has been a great eater since we brought her home and has been sleeping through the night since 6 weeks but I would hate for any other mom who doesn’t share these experiences to feel inadequate.

        • I don’t think me saying that I have a baby that happens to be easy and predictable should make anyone feel bad. I’m sure that in the coming months he will get more difficult and I WILL be sharing that when it happens! It would be dishonest of me to say that Ralph has been difficult when he has not.

          Honestly, if I am offending anyone by disclosing how my experience has been, then I kind of think they should stop reading my blog.

          Btw, amazing that your baby started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks! That extra week and a half of Ralph sleeping through the night would have been amazing. xx

  2. Michelle says:

    What kind of support are you getting? Is your nanny full time? What a blessing your transition has been so smooth.

  3. KT says:

    As a new mom I feel the need to comment and speak for the 99% of new mothers who haven’t found life with a newborn to be “easy and seamless”… having a newborn is a miracle and an indescribable joy. However, it is HARD, exhausting and life changing on every level – hardly comparable to taking care of a pet. I would never call those first two months easy. You have a platform that allows you to connect with so many new mothers, it’s very disappointing to read and see such unrelatable posts without any ounce of realness. Unfollowing.

    • Hi KT,

      Thank you so much for your comment, I really do appreciate hearing a little bit about your experience. Since you commented on my post, I am going to comment on yours and say that as you know, no two experiences are the same. Honestly, your comment is very contradicting in the fact that just because you’re experience was more difficult, doesn’t mean that I am supposed to be dishonest and say mine has been ‘difficult’ to appease you.

      For some reason we literally have the easiest baby ever. He has put himself on his own schedule since the day he was born, is rarely fussy, goes right to sleep when we put him down, is a really good eater and loves his crib. Now I know it’s going to change and maybe after the dreaded 4 month sleep regression or teething begins I will have a different experience but so far, the first two months have been easy (especially when you have a baby that starts sleeping through the night at 7 1/2 weeks).

      Also, I never said taking care of Ralph was the exact same as taking care of a pet. I said that when we got our puppies our lives went from never having to be home for anything/anyone to 4 hour increments, so yes, for me personally, learning how to adjust my schedule in 4 hour time frames was the TINIEST little taste as to what parenthood would be like (no where near the same, just the ‘time frame portion) because now our life revolves in 3 hour increments (I feed Ralph every 3 hours).

      Sorry you feel the need to unfollow just because our experiences are not the same. Best of luck with your journey. xx

      • I should also add that services like Amazon Prime, Postmates and InsaCart help out a lot because I can take care of a lot of things from the convenience of my phone. xx

  4. Erica says:

    Is there a certain book or recommended schedule you’ve kept Ralph on?

    • Hi Erica!

      I have a lot of friends who used moms on call but we used our own schedule of starting his feeds at 7,10,1,4,7,10,1,4 until week 4. Then at week 4 when he wanted his 10PM feeding we would use the passy to hold him off. We were able to hold him off for sometimes 30 minutes, then it got to an hour, then it got to two (you get the idea).

      One of the biggest things we did to make him sleep longer at night was double diaper him (sometimes he would leak and wake himself up) and also double swaddle him (we use this swaddle -> http://bit.ly/2y1a1Ta). We make sure the room temperature is at 68 degrees, we use the white noise app.

      Also, from the get go we have used the app called Baby Connect. This application lets you input the ounces that your baby takes in a day. For us we multiple Ralph’s weight times 2.5 which equals the minimum about of ounces that he needs in a day to be satisfied. We learned early on that Ralph requires the answer the equation plus 4 ounces. If we get him to that ‘magic’ number of ounces (plus the swaddle/diaper/etc) he can make it 10-12 hours at night!

      Hope that helps you. I’m still leaning and figuring this all out but so far these are the things that has worked for Ralph. xx

      • Oh and another major key is not to keep Ralph up for more than an hour and fifteen minutes at a time. If we do, he gets over stimulated, which makes him over tired, then creating a melt down. At that hour and fifteen minute mark, we make sure to swaddle him (only one swaddle during the day) and put him down!

  5. Donna murillo says:

    Hello, Amy!!

    Congrats on your little man I had a question on what y’all are using to swaddle baby Ralph? I recently to had a baby and his name is Noah. Noah and Ralph are 7 days apart and he’s still waking up 2-3 times a night so I thought maybe swaddling him would help him sleep better at night. 10-12 hours of sleep would be AMAZING!!! Congrats again and know that you are rockin being a momma!

    • Hi Donna!

      Thank you and congrats to you as well! We are using this swaddle for day naps and at night (http://bit.ly/2y1a1Ta). At night we use two to ensure that he cannot escape and we also double diaper him so his diaper doesn’t leak and night and wake him up!

      Another tip I learned is to take your babies weight and multiple it by 2.5 and that is the minimum amount of ounces that your baby needs to intake in a day. For use we use that formula and add 4 ounces (throughout the day) to make sure Ralph gets enough that he can make it through the night. Lastly, I recommend using the baby connect app to log all feedings so you can keep track of his ounces easily!

      Only waking up 2-3 times a night is really great, baby Noah will get there!!! It just happened for us one night and it was amazing!!! xx

  6. Kate says:

    What a cutie! You must be over the moon! Good for you for keeping certain parts of your life private. I’m a mom of four and I understand the pressure and judgment that unfortunately exists at times. Whatever decisions you make, they’re your choice and only you know what’s best for you and your child. Congrats Amy 🙂

    Taffeta & Tulips

    • We are so happy. Being a mom and getting to take care of sweet baby Ralph is the greatest thing ever. Thank you for understanding where I am coming from with not wanting to share certain things. I still don’t understand why people are so concerned with the way that ‘you’ choose to do things that are best for baby and yourself.

      Amazing that you have 4 littles, what a blessing!!! xx

  7. Jenna says:

    I love hearing how well Ralph is doing with sleeping – it gives me hope with my 3 week old! I saw you mentioned the set times you were feeding him (I am following a pretty consistent feeding schedule also) – but did you do a bedtime routine at a particular time each night? Was 7 pm always “bedtime” for him, so that eventually he could drop the night feedings and sleep 7-7?

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